Community Matters

As we embrace the start of the new year, the significance of ‘community’ takes centre stage for ConnectedLE.  Co-founders Kylie and Nicole firmly believe in the power of community in transforming the landscape of mental wellbeing.  Community in not merely a term, it is one of our core values, crucial in nurturing environments where people can thrive.

When we stand together as a community, we can amplify each other’s strengths and buffer each other’s struggles and in doing so, enable the overall wellbeing of every member, and in turn, the collective wellbeing of the group.

Community, for us at ConnectedLE, means creating a network of ‘connectors’ – individuals in existing, defined frontline roles who extend helping hands.

In 2024, we aim to expand our community reach, by empowering more people and communities with skills to be more confident and proactive in tackling mental health challenges.  This is critical in fostering a bright, inclusive, and diverse society where community matters.