We exist to create connected humans through preventative health education

A different approach to mental health and wellbeing training

Engaging and effective learning through lived experiences

By harnessing the power of storytelling and science, we empower Connectors (our learners) to be more be confident and proactive in tackling mental health challenges. We want to alter entrenched stigma, bust myths and provide the how – practical tools and strategies to support help-seeking behaviour. This is growing Australia’s wellbeing and mental fitness, and creating a ripple effect that is helping communities thrive.

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Online mental health and wellbeing courses

Learn what to do and how to help
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Online eLearning

Through a prevention lens, this groundbreaking series of eLearning modules brings a fresh and new way of approaching training by sharing the insights and stories of those with mental health and wellbeing lived experience.

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Workshops and
Information Sessions

By taking part in face-to-face training, learners will gain practical strategies delivered through real-life scenarios, case studies and simulations that reinforce learnings taken from the online eLearning modules.

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Why invest in mental health training?

  • Focus on prevention and early intervention where psychological safety is valued as much as physical safety
  • Equip people with the practical skills and confidence to positively deal with challenging situations and engage in care conversations
  • Establish more resilient, mentally healthy environments where people thrive, productivity is boosted, and quality of life is improved
  • Make an impact by increasing awareness, and breaking down stigma and discrimination by empowering help-seeking behaviour
  • Provide your organisation with invaluable training that yields a strong return on investment and stands to benefit learners throughout their lifetime

1 in 5 Australians have experienced mental ill-health in the past year

Less than half of people experiencing anxiety and depression seek help

Peer support approaches reduce barriers to seeking help

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Why choose ConnectedLE?

  • Drawing upon meaningful lived experiences, our engaging and effective learning model aims to create long-term change
  • We foster a like-minded community of people who have connected with our real-life stories and professional resources and want to support others
  • With over 40 years of combined experience in health and education sectors, including masters and doctoral studies in health science, epidemiology, health promotion and medical education, the ConnectedLE founders are dedicated to serving the community

Enabling thriving organisations

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