Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

Our Approach

According to the Productivity Commission Mental Health Inquiry Report, current mental health strategies have not equipped many sectors to identify psychological risks or respond effectively. With almost one in two Australians experiencing mental-ill health during their lifetime, we urgently need to change our approach to mental health and wellbeing training.

As educators with a combined 40 years of experience working in the health sector, ConnectedLE’s co-founders, Kylie and Nicole, are uniquely positioned to provide a fresh new approach to mental health and wellbeing training. To encourage help-seeking behaviour and alter the entrenched stigma, we facilitate engaging and effective prevention and early intervention resilience training through the power of story.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of communicating and has been vital in our evolution as cognitive thinking human beings. Storytelling ignites meaningful life connections and, when told through the voice of lived experience, empowers individuals to have care conversations that change lives.

Our mental health and wellbeing training promotes consistent messaging and lived experience insights that help individuals build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to competently support themselves and others.

Pre and post assessment of competency levels of users enables reporting on effectiveness of training.

Empower individuals to competently support themselves and others

By investing in this training, you are equipping your people with the critical practical skills and confidence to positively deal with challenging situations, leading to a more resilient, mentally healthier environment where people thrive.

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ABC of Mental Health – Awareness Builds Competency infographic

Personal Stories

ConnectedLE wouldn’t exist without our community of advisors, collaborators and people sharing their lived experience insights. These are their stories.

Dr Tess Evans video thumbnail

Dr Tess Evans


Vaping is unregulated, full of misinformation and targeting adolescents and young people. Hear from front-line Intensive Care Doctor Dr. Tess Evans who separates fact from fiction.

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Dr Kwong Chan video thumbnail

Dr Kwong Chan


Take time out of your day for a three-minute mindfulness exercise from leading guru Dr. Kwong Chan.

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Andy Gourley video thumbnail

Andy Gourley


No one knows better than Red Frogs Founder Andy Gourley what it takes to be a student leader in a tertiary residential college. Hear from the ‘Boss Frog’ himself!

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